My boss got real with myself and others about the value of the gym

There are people that pass through your life who can make a significant impact on you in just minutes.

That’s one of the fascinating things about human interaction. This has happened to myself and others a few times but I only realize it happened in retrospect. But I have to hand it to a corporate boss for getting myself and others to see the light when it came to health as well as wellness. This lady is someone I have admired as well as tried to emulate. She’s a strong leader who knows her company as well as carries herself with class. As a lady who is in the first stages of her job, this lady was a unbelievable model for me. When she came to our regional offices, I was introduced to her as well as I sort of went on about all the things that I wanted to do as well as how influential she was for me. Of course, she was gracious as well as inquisitive about my plans. Both of us really talked for almost a half hour before she was needed elsewhere. But she left myself and others with some drastic nuggets that have helped myself and others get closer as well as closer to where I want to be. Among the jewels of wisdom she provided myself and others was the encouragement to take full fortune of the corporate wellness program. She told myself and others that once I get further in my job, I will have to rely on my health as well as fitness as much as my comprehension as well as passion for what I do. At that point, I’d never had a gym membership however the next afternoon, I did. And she was right on the money. The more I leaned into my health as well as wellness, the more I could take on at my job.


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