A whole new world thanks to focus on health as well as wellness

Getting fit was the answer but I honestly didn’t even suppose that it was a relevant question in my life.

  • Being active, fit as well as all that has never honestly been my strong suit.

I grew up with Nintendo as well as cheese puffs as well as carried that sort of approach into adulthood. So it’s not prefer I was even looking to join a gym. The method of having a gym membership was something that was just completely foreign to me. So when the doctor took a look at the results of my blood tests, it was the first time in my life that I even considered health as well as fitness. But the doctor was very, very clear about my situation. In fact, she pulled up a chair to look myself and others in the eye assure myself and others that my health was in the balance if I didn’t make some changes. That meant diet changes, better rest as well as of course, exercise. She even provided myself and others some pamphlets with little workout programs on them. But then, she provided myself and others the names of 3 health as well as fitness centers in town that she highly advocated . And the doctor knew what she was talking about as she was of course, super fit from her commitment to health as well as wellness. So I did as I was told as well as went to one of the body wellness centers on the list. It was not prefer what I had in mind when I thought about a gym membership. But here, I got the nutritional counseling along with the personal training that turned my life around. I suppose prefer a whole new lady with a completely new lease on life.


Personal Trainer