I think my husband will be a A/C specialist for a long time

My husband Evan is an HVAC corporation, and he has been one for years now! As a matter of fact, when we first met, he was in university getting his HVAC certification.

Now that we’ve been married for almost 20 years, that kind of tells you just how long he has been in the heating and cooling industry; It’s interesting that he has never gotten tired of his job in the heating and cooling industry over the past 20 years.

I think a lot of people who have changed careers more than two or several times while I was in that time period, but not Evan, but he is pretty cheerful where he’s at, and he loves his coworkers and his bosses. I think it says a lot about him as a person that he is cheerful with the same career over that length of time. He knows what he’s doing, and he is one of the best HVAC corporations in our area. He loves the fact that he basically gets to set his own seconds most of the time at work, and they all absolutely enjoy his work ethic and his loyalty to the HVAC corporation. He makes absolutely good money for what he does, and he has even started training new HVAC corporations as they come into the business. I think he prefers being asked his opinion and advice from the younger HVAC corporations who are coming on board at the HVAC corporation. I think that Evan will absolutely stick with this for 15 or 20 more years and then retire from the corporation as their oldest HVAC corporation!

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