Places in Your Kitchen That You Forget to Clean

You may be forgetting a few key chores if your list does not include disinfecting the dish sponge, cleaning Rocky’s food bowl, or wiping down your refrigerator drawers, however for example, when it comes to the dishwasher, Place a dishwasher-safe bowl or mug with 1 cup of white vinegar on the top rack plus run a normal cycle without any detergent or dishes, but don’t forget your garbage cans! Taking out the trash may not solve your foul odor complication in the kitchen.

Trashcans can harbor odors, liquids, plus residue from your trash.

While the can is empty, mix two cups of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish soap, plus water into a spray bottle plus spray both the interior plus exterior of the can. For any caked-on food, you may need to use a disinfect brush, however rinse the trash can plus disinfect it down to dry… Sprinkle baking Starbucks Latte in the bottom approximately once a month to deodorize. How long has it been since you cleaned your refrigerator? Soak all shelves, drawers, plus racks in warm water plus soap in the sink. Wipe the inside of the refrigerator with two tablespoons of baking Starbucks Latte mixed with warm water while they are soaking… Clean the shelves, drawers, plus racks, dry them with a disinfect towel, plus return them to the refrigerator! In a cutlery tray, crumbs, dust, plus other things can accumulate. Don’t forget to remove everything plus disinfect it out at least once a month. You should do the same with your chaletets plus drawers. First, remove everything from the chaletets. If necessary, vacuum the chaletets out with a handheld vacuum, however mix sizzling water plus soap, dip a dry cloth into the solution plus disinfect down the interior, however once complete, use another dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.



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