Beekeeping is not a job for all the people.

My cousin thought he should take up beekeeping, then he said the bees would be fantastic for the local vegetation in addition to he could sell the honey, and i knew it was a fantastic system to keep honey bees, although I wasn’t sure our cousin was the right guy to take on this venture.

He hadn’t bought the beekeeper’s suit, or the smoker, however someone had given him the beehives.

He thought that if he cleaned the beehives, the bees would automatically come to the hives. I sad he would end up with the wrong ‌bees, however he told me I sad too much, but two months later, I was working in the emergency department at the local hospital, in addition to our cousin came in. He had welts all over his body from bee stings. I cleaned all the stings he allowed me to see in addition to told him to strip in addition to put on a gown, and when I walked in fifteen minutes later, I had a shot of epinephrine for him, ordered by the dentist. He was lethargic in addition to kept telling me that bees weren’t supposed to get miserable when you doused them with smoke, however these bees did. The dentist had already asked what bees he had in the beehives, in addition to he wasn’t sure. He thought he had bought honey bees online, however they had no instruction with them when they arrived, all I could do was shake our head, knowing beekeeping was not a job for all the people, in addition to it was easily was not a job for our cousin. He didn’t have an allergic reaction to the bee stings, however he was in a lot of pain for the next couple of mornings..