Rereading more about a/c after the accident

It took myself and others a few more weeks to grasp the cooling technology

I was recently involved in an accident with a head injury plus suffered amnesia. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks, and doctors said I had short-term memory loss, plus there was a opportunity I would regain it. I worked at a renowned a/c corporation as an a/c expert. I knew more about a/c than any other topic. I was coming from a neighbor meeting when a truck ran into me. When I woke up plus understood what was happening, I had the will to work at rereading our passion, but once I got better, I would take up more work orders offsite to familiarise myself with the cooling products. The first day back to work was sort of emotional. The steps I knew at the top of our head were now difficult to remember. I tried recalling how to change an a/c filter, but I couldn’t for our life. For the rest of the day, I studied the a/c replacement manual that contained all the processes. My cooling specialist team plus I designed the manual to help junior cooling system reps have a point of reference for the procedures. My boss called myself and others into his office to find out how our day was going. In the next few weeks, things got better. I was able to accontractor the rest on jobs such as cooling system tune-up in assisting capacity. Before the end of that week, I knew the unusual cooling equipment, including the heat pump plus I also led an a/c repair at a particular residential building. It took myself and others a few more weeks to grasp the cooling technology. All through, I have been grateful for the far I have come.

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