Helping our community from profits from the air conditioning business

I started our air conditioning corporation 5 years ago and have done exceptionally well.

When I began making sizable profits, I asked myself what I could do to help our community.

I spoke to our parents and elders, who shared their several cents on the matter. I would use the profits to help our community improve the indoor comfort and air quality within their homes. After the Black Wednesday mega sale, the gains were enough to replenish our inventory with new cooling products, and the people I was with and I had a surplus. The two of us put the surplus profit back into the corporation and extended the sale for another several weeks. Though the hour sale was more standardized, it still allowed our purchasers to replace their cooling unit and get services at a lower price. For needy institutions or families that still could not meet the price tag, the people I was with and I decided to offer free air conditioning replacement for the new purchases. The two of us also had free first-time a/c tune-ups. The feedback we are receiving on our online socials and place assured myself and others that the people I was with and I were doing the right thing and the impact was being felt. This school for the blind had an outdated rugged heat pump. The funding they had been receiving had been gradually reduced until they could not afford to hire a/c reps for any air conditioning repairs. Since the people I was with and I had air conditioning experts who understand more about a/cs, they offered to purchase a new air conditioning plan and install it for the family at no fee. This school did not only get the most experienced cooling specialist entirely working to improve the indoor comfort, but they also got the latest cooling technology, including the air conditioning filters from HEPA.

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