The home gym came in clutch

I had my first child at age 38, which the doctors said was a little too old for me to start having kids. I have always wanted a child, so I told the doctors to buzz off! The pregnancy went just fine, and baby Maxine was born happy and healthy. This isn’t a post about the baby, however. She is one year old now, and as happy and healthy as ever, but I had to start focusing on my own happiness and health! The pregnancy transformed my body, and I also had to take a few months off from going to the gym, which also hurt my physique. My husband has always supported me in every way he could, and in this case that led to him setting up a small home gym for me. He is great about helping out with the baby, and now I have a convenient way to maintain a workout program at home. Losing this baby weight won’t happen on its own, and there was just no way I had the time or the motivation to drive to the gym. There are certain physical changes that happen after childbirth, and I was just more comfortable in the privacy of my own home gym. I was pleased to find that with the right motivation and enough discipline, I got the results I wanted without going back to the gym at all. My home gym met my needs and exceeded my expectations, so I don’t see the need to go back to paying for an expensive gym membership.