I got my work truck wrapped and it looks awesome

I drive my own truck every day for work, and my boss pays the truck payment and my insurance, but the boss also pays for regular tune-ups and upgrades that are necessary for the truck.

I can drive the truck someplace that I want to but the supplier gets to advertise for free by having its logo and PC number on the doors and the tailgate of the truck, but not that many of weeks ago, my boss approached myself and others with an idea.

The girl wanted to try vinyl wrapping one of the work trucks, and she wondered if I would offer up my work truck for the custom vinyl wrapping. I agreed to go without my truck for 10 afternoons. That was the amount of time that the custom vinyl wrapping shop said it would take to get the task done. My boss ordered the vinyl wrap weeks in advance and the shop did not take my truck until they had all of the supplies. I saw a copy of the rap and the design that my boss chose. I wasn’t sure how it would look wrapped on my truck, then when I saw the custom vinyl wrap task, I was positively speechless. It looked a lot nicer than I expected. The work truck is wrapped and it looks awesome. I consistently get people looking at myself and others as I drive down the street. That’s easily fantastic advertising for the supplier. The truck catches attention everywhere I go and it might even help myself and others find a bestie. I have been single for a year now and I would savor to meet someone new.

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