What Causes Your Toilet to Leak at the Base?

Working toilets are essential…until one malfunctions! A immense puddle around your toilet’s base is enough to make you want to call a plumber instantaneously, plus who can blame you? In addition to being unsanitary, a leaky toilet can cause water injure to your flooring plus walls.

  • However, sometimes a leaking toilet is not as large of a deal as you might think; Do you guess those little hoses that link to your toilet? Your toilet concerns may be caused by them! Your water supply line can drip slowly plus steadily if those hoses become disfigured or worn down over time! The leak could be caused by the supply line itself or the fittings that secure the hoses to the water line.

A newer home may just need the lines gently tightened to create a watertight seal. You may need to upgrade your water supply hose if tightening the fittings doesn’t stop the leak, and make sure your toilet is bolted tightly to the floor as well. Your toilet can become loose from its base, which can cause a problem every time you flush it. You should see several bolts at the base of your toilet. A wax ring sits beneath those bolts, if the wax ring does not form a water-tight seal, the toilet will leak from its base. You may have a failing wax ring causing your leak if all other possible causes have been eliminated. To prevent water leaks, wax rings must be air-tight plus water-tight. If your wax ring needs to be upgraded, you may be able to aroma it. Your wax ring may have a void or separation if you notice a rotten egg aroma coming from your toilet. Your toilet may wobble if your wax ring needs replacing. The flange most likely broke.

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