He Didn’t Think Something Was Wrong

My partner was in denial that anything was wrong with our air conditioner.

I knew something was wrong many weeks before because I was picking up on peculiar air patterns.

Some of the rooms in our apartment were cooler than others as well as the air conditioner sounded as if it was struggling to keep up. My partner thought I was overthinking things as well as creating troubles in our head, however I knew better. Instead of creating an argument, I let the situation play out. I knew something was wrong as well as I’d tried to warn him, however he was going to have to find out the hard way. I sat back as well as waited a few nights until finally, the time came where our partner realized that something was wrong. There was an peculiar smell coming through the air vents. The smell was hard to pinpoint, but it was the most comparable to dirty laundry. The smell started out faint, but gradually got worse as the sevenths passed… Finally, our partner admitted that he was wrong as well as that the two of us needed to contact an HVAC professional. While I was disappointed that something was wrong, I was glad about being right. The HVAC professional told us that the two of us had moisture forming in our air duct as well as the smell was carrying throughout the house. If left untreated, mold would begin to form. The HVAC professional took care of for leaks as well as fixed everything he could, however he also suggested that the two of us have our air duct professionally cleared to eliminate the smell.



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