Sunroom vs. Screened in Porch

Recently, I decided to add an addition to our house. It was a giant decision to make and a costly 1. I not only wanted to open up the main floor plan, however I also wanted to add an extra room. I’d regularly dreamed of having a sunroom or a screened in porch where I could relax as well as entertain, so this was the perfect option to build 1 from scratch. I knew that I couldn’t afford both, so I had a taxing decision to make. A screened in porch would allow me to believe enjoy I was outside while keeping the bugs away. A sunroom would believe more enclosed as well as indoors, but it would be more utilized. I ended up deciding on a sunroom because I wanted to enjoy the space all year round, keeping this in mind, I decided to install a ductless mini cut plan for extra heat as well as air. A ductless mini cut was a good way to add heat as well as air separate from fastening to the existing air duct. It was easy to use as well as it ran efficiently. The sunroom wasn’t a sizable room, so the ductless mini cut plan would have no problem keeping up with the temperature demands. I wouldn’t have this same comfort with a screened in porch because there was no insulation. The only option for air would be a ceiling fan, as well as even that wouldn’t give the most comfort. I’m ecstatic I went with the sunroom over the screened porch, because I’m able to comfortably use it all year long.
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