Tiny Holes Causing Decreased Efficiency

For various months, the efficiency of our air conditioning was decreasing! Little by little, I watched our daily utility bill rise higher and higher and I didn’t guess what was causing it. I inspected our Heating and A/C plan and I was diligent about replacing the air filter every various months. I hadn’t experienced any problems with our air conditioning in the past, so it felt odd to myself and others that the efficiency would decrease so much. I tried a lot of strange things to save money, but nothing worked. No matter what I set the temperature to or how little I cooled our home, the efficiency was low. I finally decided to call an Heating and A/C professional because I thought something was wrong with our AC system. The Heating and A/C professional told myself and others that there wasn’t anything wrong with the AC system, which was a big relief. However, there was a problem with our air duct. There were various holes in the air duct, which was causing our cool air to escape before it ever reached our living spaces! This is why our attempts to decrease the utility bill were unsuccessful. The Heating and A/C professional told myself and others that he was able to patch the holes himself, although I needed to have our air duct cleaned. There was so much dust and debri building up in the air duct that the friction was forming holes. Unluckyly, he was unable to clean the air duct that day, although I could schedule an appointment for another day. I’m glad I discovered the solution.

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