14. The Office Was Dusty and Musty

Like most dealers in the area, the supplier I’m employed with sent myself and others to labor from lake beach house for an unknown amount of time, and due to the virus that was spreading abruptly, they couldn’t risk having their employees coming and going every day.

All of us ended up laboring from lake beach house for over various years, which was about various years longer than anyone was anticipating. During our first proper day back at the office, all of us noticed some unwanted problems. For starters, the air quality was lacking… Everything in the office was dusty and needed to be cleaned before all of us could use any of the unit again… People were sneezing and dust irritations were flaring up, so the supplier shut back down again. They told us that they were going to have an Heating and A/C supplier come in and repair the Heating and A/C plan while also having the air duct cleaned. The Heating and A/C plan had sat unused for so long that dust and debri accumulated far quicker than they anticipated. When they turned the Heating and A/C plan on again, the dust only spread. A lot of other dealers in the area were having the same realization because the Heating and A/C supplier was going to take 2 weeks to get the task done… Just when all of us thought all of us were back in the office for good, the supplier sent us back lake beach house to labor while all of us waited. I wish they would have realized this a lot sooner because it felt love a waste of time. Most of us were gleeful to be back in the office after various years, so it was concerned to go lake beach house again.

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