Her HVAC System vs. Mine

My sister and I have always done things differently.

I blame it on our different personalities, but we’ve always participated in different things and we’ve had opposite opinions about most things in our lives.

Now that we’re grown and both homeowners, our differences have continued in an unusual way. I’m a firm believer in having my HVAC system tuned by an HVAC professional biannually whereas my sister doesn’t. She thinks it’s a waste of money to hire an HVAC company to “look” at a perfectly good HVAC system. I on the other hand believe it’s essential to have a certified professional tune a piece of equipment that I know nothing about. I’m happy to spend a couple hundred dollars every year if it means that my HVAC system is well taken care of and running efficiently. I’ve always stood my ground with regular HVAC maintenance because I know the benefits. I never have unexpected repairs and my monthly utility bills are low. My sister has had the opposite experience whether she likes to admit it or not. She has to fix something on her HVAC system at least once per year and her utility costs are higher. The age of our HVAC systems are pretty similar and they’re both produced by great companies. They should be performing the same, but they’re not due to HVAC maintenance or lack thereof. My sister will never admit I’m right, but she will definitely need to replace her HVAC system sooner than me. Time will tell.

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