An Old Air Conditioner That He Wouldn’t Replace

My husband has been trying to hold onto our air conditioner for years.

I tried to replace the air conditioner when it turned a decade old, but he was adamant about keeping it.

It was cooling our house, even though it wasn’t very efficient. My husband believed that if it wasn’t broken, there was no need to fix it. He didn’t care that it was inefficient and we were losing money each month to cool our home. It was still cheaper than buying a brand new air conditioner in his mind. My husband also believed that older appliances were built to last longer, unlike things that were designed in this decade. I knew when to pick my battles, and this was one I knew I wouldn’t lose. Once our air conditioner turned thirteen, we began to notice a temperature difference in certain rooms of our house. It began as a slight change and turned into something dramatic. My husband still wasn’t bothered by this, until our primary bedroom became the victim to this unfortunate event. There were some nights where we couldn’t sleep at all because it was so hot in our bedroom. Even with the ceiling fan on the highest setting, we were uncomfortable. Finally, we couldn’t stand it anymore and we realized that the only way to fix the problem was to replace our air conditioner. My husband called the HVAC company and purchased a brand new, state of the art air conditioner for our home. All it took was a compromise to his sleep.


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