I Trust My HVAC Professional’s Opinion

Despite not knowing a lot about HVAC systems, I’ve always strived to be really intentional with my home’s HVAC system.

I have the equipment tuned at least twice per year, I keep the grass trimmed around the condenser unit and I replace the air filters when needed.

Something that’s always concerned me was whether or not my air filters were good enough. I wanted to keep the dust and dirt from harming my HVAC system and also keep my breathing air clean, but how much money did I have to spend to get that? There are so many air filters on the market and they’re all priced differently, so which one was best? To find reliable information, I asked my HVAC technician what he recommended because he was certified in all things heat and air. According to him, he recommended that I pay attention to the price. If I was purchasing a really cheap air filter, then I’d need to replace it more frequently. If I purchased an expensive air filter, it could last longer because the material was thicker and stronger. Something he urged me to consider was that a cheaper air filter usually caused more issues and had homeowners spending more money. They not only needed to be replaced more frequently, but people tended to forget about them and issues arose during that time. He recommended a few brands to me and I really appreciated that. I trusted my HVAC technician’s advice and I thought he was really helpful.


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