The warranty won’t be honored without regular HVAC maintenance

It’s been such a crazy couple of years since I met Bobby! A friend had invited myself and others to a party, and I wasn’t completely sure I wanted to go.

He kept insisting, so I reluctantly showed up, however just as all of us were talking and having a great time, I saw this boy walk in and was blown away.

My friend noticed my reaction and introduced us. The rest is history. We honestly talked the whole evening. I asked the man on a date, and we’ve been together ever since. We actually got married 3 months ago and just obtained our first dwelling. Trying to find a new dwelling to live in had been an experience, but eventually, we landed on the best place for us. The only setback is we had to pay for a new HVAC upgrade and a few other improvements to the dwelling! Our goal of moving in instantly was put on hold since it wasn’t really possible to live there without a familiar A/C appliance. We did some online research and found a local HVAC appliance corporation specializing in upgrades and maintenance. After 2 meetings, we had all the necessary information about HVAC appliance upgrades. The HVAC crew was at our dwelling early the following day to begin work in the dwelling. We’d also chosen to get radiant heated flooring which led to extra work of removing and reinstalling the flooring. As the HVAC appliance crew worked, their senior supervisor spoke to us about the overall importance of familiar HVAC maintenance… Failure to do so can cause the warranty to be completely null and void. Most manufacturers these days insist on homeowners to make certain they get familiar HVAC maintenance each year to improve the appliance’s lifespan.


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