Time to Replace our Gas Heater with an Electric One

We’ve had this old gas furnace for who knows how many years and we are ready to move on to an electric one and not have to worry about gas tank refills and lighting pilot lights when they go out for some unknown reason.

We live in an older building and a lot of things in our flat are broken or break down a lot.

I think this place was built in the 1960’s and still has the original HVAC equipment in it. It is time we move into the 21st century and replace this old unit with something that functions a little better and saves us money when it is running. I think the new electric HVAC systems are really efficient with all of the updates they have made, which would probably end up paying for the system in a matter of a few years. We are also thinking about getting a gas fireplace for ambiance as soon as we finish paying for the central HVAC system that we are about to buy. I know it is going to cost a pretty penny but I am fine with that, as long as I don’t have to mess with a gas tank and delivery anymore. I’m just done with all of the hassles of old HVAC equipment in my flat and tired of all of the work it takes to keep it going. I want a simpler life with less stress and I think this is going to help a lot with that. I’ll call the heating and cooling company tomorrow and see if they can come out here one day soon.


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