The Heating & Air Conditioning business was awesome

It’s funny how life can work out.

Ever since I was young, I have longed to transport away from home & live a more independent lifestyle. This prompted myself and others to go to a distant college & find task there after graduating. My parents are sweet people, but they both tend to be too strict & smothering with us. Being a rebellious child, I wanted more freedom & got in trouble because of my actions. Then we fast forward 20 years, & I’m now living next door to my folks. When the COVID19 pandemic started, I wanted to be close to them, so I purchased the home next door, which was on sale for a low price. The first few weeks were for upgrading the house, & I also had to find someone to handle the Heating & Air Conditioning plan tune-up & checkup; Dad proposed an Heating & Air Conditioning dealership in the area & said they had been around for many years. He sang lots of praises about the dealership & its care for homeowners. Since I was current to the area, well, not new, but it had been well over 20 years since I lived there, I chose to hire the Heating & Air Conditioning dealership on my dad’s word. My first appointment was all about evaluating the Heating & Air Conditioning plan that was in the home to determine if it required any fixing or replacing. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional who came by was my dad’s old buddy, & they got to talking as he diagnosed the Heating & Air Conditioning system. Since it wasn’t too old, the tech suggested tuning up & replacing some parts to ensure it was now working well. The tech only changed the old dial thermostat & instead added a smart unit for my nice house.