My hot water became too hot

It’s quite annoying when you miss the morning alarm.

I try to keep my alarm by the side of my bed each night when I sleep.

But, once in a while, I can miss my alarms & wind up running late to work when I get too sleepy. This happened to myself and others the other day, & it messed up many things I had to get done at work. But, honestly, I was too sleepy & opted just to sleep in because it was my day off. Instead of waking up early, I was awake by noon, too late to start running errands. I went to the washroom to shower & then do some light cleaning. As I started the water, it felt good, but a few minutes in, it was too hot. Why did my hot water heater suddenly get too hot? This was a current experience for me, so I had to find a solution. I never prefer showering with tepid water, so having a faulty water heating plan wasn’t the best thing. I got out of the shower & contacted the area Heating & Air Conditioning dealer for assistance. Apart from fixing heating & a/cs, they also repair plumbing & electrical complications. The lady I spoke to took my details & informed myself and others that a Heating & Air Conditioning expert would come by later. By around 3 pm, this young guy was at my door & went to check on the heating system. Since it had been a long time since my last water gas furnace repair, mineral buildup caused the heating plan to get too hot. He put in a solution to get rid of it & insisted I never skip any repair task to prevent this from happening to me again.
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