No 1 had cleaned the ductwork in a long time

Buying the farmland wasn’t as hard as both of us thought it would be.

Since my partner Jo & I met, both of us have constantly talked about moving away from the city.

The goal was to task for as many years as needed, save & begin a small homestead. Finally, in 2020, both of us knew it was time to go ahead with our plan, and our realtor is the best, & she managed to get us a very attractive ten-acre farm that came with a farmhouse. It took a year to renovate the location, so Jo and I stayed in a current home nearby & did most of the task together with a local dealer. Among the various complications both of us had to address was the heating & a/c in the house. Jo and I began to task on the farm home in April, just as Spring was coming on. By summer season, Jo hadn’t yet sorted out the a/c because both of us had complications with the Heating & Air Conditioning ductwork. It seemed as if the previous owners never did any task on the ductwork, & it was in a truly awful state. The local Heating & Air Conditioning dealer sent out an Heating & Air Conditioning pro to do a thorough checkup, & she stated that the ductwork needed work. She had to wash it out & do extensive duct sealing to prevent leaks. Another area of concern was the heating & a/c inside the house. It was too old to repair without it costing a small fortune. So, the ideal thing to do was get a more current heating & a/c plan for the farmhouse. The two of us hoped that all the task would be done before Wintertime & we’d be living in our home instead of the rental cabin.

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