Adding humidity is handy during Wintertime

I prefer my life on a remote farm & raising creatures.

  • My spouse Bob & I moved to the northern section of the country many years ago.

The two of us would talk about living on a farm & raising unusual creatures. We’d also grow food ourselves & become more self-sufficient. Instead of talking about it, Bob found the right location, then purchased it & moved. After many years, I managed to leave my task & now stay on the farm raising all sorts of creatures full time. We also have a permaculture orchard going & do some freelance work. Living in this area means contending with long & cold Winters, however part of the task both of us did in the home was to redo the brick fireplace in the family room & install a gas furnace. The previous owners had this log wood furnace, but this was too old for us to keep. Plus, both of us still wanted the home to be modern despite living on a farm. Bob chose to go with a modern gas furnace & contacted an area Heating & Air Conditioning dealership to do the task. I had to transport there before to ensure all the work, including the furnace upgrade, went well. Afterwards, Bob joined me, & we’ve never once regretted that decision. Because Bob and I use the furnace plan so much, 1 issue both of us had to deal with was overly dry air during Wintertime. Thanks to our current neighbor, both of us l acquired that the perfect solution was getting a whole-home humidifier. This would ensure ample humidity in the air quality & prevent complications prefer itchy eyeballs & dry skin. Another reason Bob wanted a humidifier was that both of us now have many houseplants.
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