I’d never seen ice on an Air conditioner before

It’s been many years since I bought my home, & I prefer being an owner; It feels superb to be a dealership & homeowner; Well, see, my dealership is in my home, & this has been the case for some time.

I elected to set it up this way so I have more space to do the task & ship off the products that I make.

I run a home jewelry-making business, & social media has been an amazing way for myself and others to grow our enterprise… Through the currency I earn, I’ve managed to make home improvements & buy a more current A/C unit for my house. It took some time to get here, & I lived with roommates in a more current home for quite a while. But I’m thankful things worked out, & now I can say I own a home of my own… Sometime last week, I observed something weird with the A/C unit. There seemed to be visible ice building on the A/C unit, which alarmed me. I’d looked at the unit since I observed it wasn’t cooling my home prefer it was doing before. The visible ice forming meant that something was wrong, so I rang the Heating & Air Conditioning dealer in the area. I have an annual repair agreement with them, so all my Heating & Air Conditioning tasks go to these guys. When the Heating & Air Conditioning expert arrived, he took a look at the A/C unit & saw it had a blocked air filter. Since the dirt & grime were blocking proper airflow, this was causing awfully bad a/c & ice build-up, however he had to turn the unit off, let the ice thaw, & change the air filters & I could resume enjoying the attractive cool air.


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