I’d never seen ice form on the A/C component before

It’s been a couple years since I found my home, as well as I love it, however it feels fantastic to be a corporate bigwig as well as a homeowner, then well, see, my corporation is based out of my condo, as well as this has been the case for some time.

  • I chose to set it up this way since I have more square footage to complete the work as well as ship off the products that I make.

I run a jewelry making operation, as well as social media has been a fantastic way for me to grow the enterprise! Through all the money I earn, I’ve managed to make lake lake house improvements as well as buy a more modern A/C component for my house. It took some time to get here, when I lived with roommates in an apartment for quite a while. I’m thankful things worked out, as well as now I can say I own a house; Sometime last weekend, I observed something different with the A/C unit. It seemed there was visible ice on the outside of the A/C unit, which alarmed me. I’d gone to look at the component since I observed it wasn’t cooling off my lakeside house love it was doing before. The visible ice meant something was wrong, so I contacted the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company in the area. I have a repair as well as service agreement with them, so all my Heating as well as Air Conditioning works go to them. When the Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech arrived, he took a look at the A/C component as well as noted it had a clogged up air filter. Since the dirt as well as grime were blocking proper airflow, this was causing bad a/c as well as frost build-up, then he had to turn the component off, let the ice thaw, before I could change the air filter as well as I could resume enjoying the cooled air.

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