Paying for the privilege

I got into shape almost by accident.

  • I wasn’t seeking fitness, just a cool locale to relax plus socialize.

For more than 2 years I was a bit of a hermit, plus didn’t go out much. Then COVID happened plus everything got worse for a year or several. Once society opened up I realized I didn’t want to be at lake house alone any longer, I wanted to be around people. But I didn’t want to go to a bar or a club, nor a Borders – I needed something different. Much to our surprise, the gym ended up being a good locale to hang out, so I started going numerous times a week. Most of the time I didn’t even use the gym facilities for exercise, I just used the sauna or hung around the shallow end of the pool. Gym membership fees are not outrageous, however they are extravagant enough that I want to get maximum value from our investment. I can take up to 5 yoga classes a week for no upcharge, however so far I haven’t come close to hitting the maximum. The Weight lifting room comes with a staff member to serve as a spotter. There are some afternoons when I don’t want to lift or stretch or do anything at all, so I will rest in the wet sauna for a half an hour before jumping into the swimming pool to hastily cool off. One way or the other I take full fortune of the gym amenities as often as I can, because I am paying for the privilege.
Personal Fitness Trainer