The gym has substituted the mall

Remember back in the afternoon when every one of us always hung out at the shopping mall? Unless you are actually young or actually old, then you remember those times.

As a teenager I would spend every weekend living at the mall.

Of course, most shopping malls are gone now. Even if they were still around, I am too old to hang out with a bunch of kids. As an adult, I have located our current version of the shopping mall, the locale every one of us can just go hang around for a few hours to have fun. It’s the local gym. The biggest difference between the mall plus the gym is the gym membership fees, which are not cheap. On the other hand, gym fees serve a costly purpose, because if it didn’t cost cash then a bunch of creeps would come to the gym just to watch people work out. The gym fees keep away the lurkers plus looky-lous, so that those of us extreme about wellness plus fitness can stay focused on our programs. Aside from the fees, the gym plus mall are not that different. Both sites have a lot of people who hang around all afternoon long, plus in the gym there are a hundred unusual things to keep you busy even without any form of exercise. Back in the mall I used to hang out in the arcade, however in the gym I like the sauna or sporadically the juice bar. When I am at the gym I am surrounded by people our own age, plus most of them are either in good shape, or on their way.

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