Finally joining the local gym

My dentist told myself and others that I needed to try harder.

I explained to him that I was trying to be more active, plus she simply said “try harder.” She explained that if I didn’t start pushing myself more, then I would never get any results.

This wasn’t about losing weight (although I could lay to lose a few pounds) this was about our overall health. I needed to lower our blood pressure plus our cholesterol, plus at our level of activity that would never happen. I decided to entirely deliver it our all, so I joined a local gym to deliver myself every chance to succeed. I suppose that our weakness is motivation, plus however I start strong I peter out hastily, so being inside a certified gym will help myself and others retain our focus. I am still on the fence about getting a personal trainer, I believe I will just hit the gym a few times first to get a believe for it. If they have the right availability of classes plus gym equipment, I may not need a personal trainer to keep myself motivated. Also I am not sure how much it costs to have a personal trainer, so I need to make sure that I can afford it, plus that it will be worth the cash. I want to be healthier, plus look better, however I have no desire to make the gym a major area of our life. The gym membership is for the betterment of our health, however I still don’t want to go there every single afternoon.



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