I took everything back to the way it was

Every one of us had a duplex with several rental units technically.

Every one of us absolutely added an addition.

We placed a tenant in there even though the space was illegal. The guy was on a money deal and his place was gross. It was honestly small with a bedroom, toilet, sink, as well as kitchen. These guys were basically living like a dorm room situation. He left us with a problem. Other renters were complaining about a stench that seemed to be coming from the upstairs apartment. The guy left some food outside that was attracting bugs and cockroaches. There were leaks in the plumbing as well. It seems like the floor of the apartment was always wet with this figure. The component was disgusting and I refused to hire a plumber to help with the problem unless the guy cleaned up his place. Eventually the person moved out and now every one of us are remodeling the unit. Every one of us is going to make some changes so this is actually a real dude. The tepid water tank was actually the problem for the leak. The tepid water tank was old and spraying some water from the back. I bought a much smaller tepid water tank that was easily big enough for one person and I placed it in an area where leaks should not be a problem at all. It was nice to have some help with the project and now I don’t have to worry about being on a waiting list to have all of the work completed at a later date.

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