The leak could have caused major disfigure

The two of us had a rental duplex with three technical units. The previous owner of the place slapped an addition onto the side, but it was actually illegal and against the rules of the community. The guy put a second tenant in the space. The guy was there for a cash deal as well as his place was totally gross. It was certainly a small area with nothing more than a home office, small bedroom, toilet, and sink. It looked more like a dorm room than an apartment. The guy was basically living in a terrible smelling apartment. He consistently left food out that was attracting a number of bugs and cockroaches. One of the biggest problems when I bought the property was a plumbing leak. There was a plumbing Leak in the apartment that was consistently causing wet disfigurement. The unit was disgusting when the two of us did not want to go in there. The two of us eventually hired a plumber after the guy moved out. The two of us were told that most of the unit needed to be remodeled and destroyed. I messaged to give this unit another home office instead of using it as a third space. The warm water tank was the leaking problem. The warm water tank was ancient and spraying water from the back. After the two of us purchased a brand new plumbing warm water tank, many of the issues weren’t quite as bad anymore. The true duplex now such as rent from both of the tenants at an equal rate.

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