Remodeling the closet and getting a new water heater

When I moved into my house I went room by room remodeling.

When I got the utility closet I was determined to fix that up as well.

I wanted to scrape the popcorn ceiling, sand it smooth and repaint the walls. I also wanted to tile the floors. I knew I could maneuver around my HVAC unit since it sat on a stand. There was room underneath and behind it. The issue was I had a giant hot water tank in the way. I couldn’t paint behind it or access the ceiling easily above it. I also wanted to tile underneath the hot water tank as well. I thought about moving it myself, but I am a five foot tall woman. I also don’t have any man I could ask to do it. I ended up calling a licensed plumber. I wanted him just to remove the tank and put it back when I was done. The guy was amazing. He noticed that the hot water heater was really old and due to die anyday. He asked me if I considered a tankless hot water heater. Not only would it take up much less space, but it would be way more energy efficient. It would no longer take minutes for my water to heat up while I waste it down the drain. I wouldn’t have a hot shower that would suddenly become cold. The tankless hot water heater only heats what you want and immediately does it for you. It saves water, money and time. I also didn’t want to get into a water heater replacement a year down the road. I took the guy up on his offer. While I remodeled the closet, he got me my tankless water heater.
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