That’s not the same thing

Last month, I had carefully saved up enough money to have pinstripes put on our Mustang, because i worked hard for that money as well as I could finally go to the best auto shop as well as pay for the red pinstripes on our black car.

I walked straight into the auto shop as well as showed them what kind of pinstripes I wanted.

I rapidly gave the color as well as even brought a paint swatch to back it up, but they seemed competent enough when I paid them as well as headed out the door. They told myself and even a few others I could option up our car the next day. In the meantime, our very best friend as well as I headed out to do some shopping, however after school, the very following day, she took myself and others to the auto shop to option up our car; When the lot of us pulled into the parking lot, I saw a black Mustang that looked almost just like mine, but it had a racing stripe going right through the middle of the car. I actually thought it looked odd, but it wasn’t our car. I walked into the auto shop as well as quickly told them I was there for our car. They walked myself and others over to the unfamiliar car with the racing stripe. I just stood there as well as looked from the car to the nearest auto shop worker. I told him I asked for pinstripes… I was hoping this wasn’t what I was getting, then she looked at the paperwork they previously gave him as well as showed myself and others ‌it was clearly noted that I was to have a single red racing stripe. She looked at the paperwork a little closer. The red racing stripe actually was for a colorless Mustang. They got our pinstripes.


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