My friend studied criminal law however now he’s a company lawyer

Back in university my friend Michael and I were taking philosophy classes together and wondering where the future would take us.

The two of us were full of so much idealism and hope back then, however now I am a strange person altogether.

The last more than seven years were devastating for me, however at least the eveningmares are slowly coming to an end. Michael had his own set of struggles, especially when he started law university while both of us were in my senior year of undergraduate university. It wasn’t an straight-forward transition, especially since both of us were at a university initially that cared little about GPA and test scores. But quickly he was at a law university where tests were certainly mandatory and counted heavily towards his overall performance. He started with the intention of becoming a criminal attorney, so naturally he studied criminal law. There is consistently abundant work in public defense and prosecution, especially if you’re willing to live in the state capital. However, a year of working in criminal law soured Michael’s stance toward it and he took the opportunity to shadow an attorney at his firm who was a prominent company lawyer. Now that Michael is also a company lawyer, he’s much happier at work every single day. One of his biggest buyers operates the leading men’s apparel outlet store in the state. Despite having his hands full every week at work, he still manages to get time for himself on the weekends to spend with his family or doing his hobbies at home. I can see why he prefers being a company lawyer opposed to a criminal attorney.


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