I used VCT floors for my hair salon

I run a hair salon out of my house.

  • I renovated my garage to be my studio and it looks so good.

It doesn’t resemble a garage anymore. When I was in the remodeling process I had such a hard time deciding on what style of flooring. I knew that I would have a lot of loose hair, water and chemicals spray and hit that floor. I also knew with chairs moving in and out and with me walking around the flooring it had to be tough. I looked up vinyl flooring and everyone proposed it was a bad idea. While it is cheaper, the vinyl needs to be replaced and replaced frequently. The floor pulls up in places and can tear easily. Also, since it is quite porous the flooring doesn’t do well with lots of water. A better alternative that is still cost effective was called VCT flooring. It uses parts of the vehicle and cork. The installation is much quicker and it is far cheaper than tile. For a company guy love me, VCT flooring installation was the smartest choice. What is good is that I have a cleaning corporation that does everything for me. They did all of the VCT flooring installation and they also offer cleaning and restoration on it as well. I frequently call them to do VCT floor cleaning after 2 to 3 weeks. Every year it is requested to strip and wax the flooring as well. I can call my same contact and not worry about a thing. They are reasonably priced, right in town and my one stop shop for all my flooring needs. They were as fantastic of a find as my flooring.

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