Clean your Tile and grout rather than remodeling

I have been thinking about my main lavatory for years debating on remodeling it.

The complication is that I kind of like the layout of the lavatory.

I have a nice big wooden vanity mirror that I don’t want to replace. The countertop is granite and in good shape. I replaced the faucets and sinks years ago, so that is fine. The window is new, I painted the walls and ceiling earlier and I put in a more current light. The only thing I genuinely would need to replace is the shower area. I didn’t love that the shower basin had beige tile with stained grout. I obtained a bleaching pen that was supposed to paint my grout lines colorless. The pen ran out after doing more than three or four lines. I obtained another one and the same thing happened. I tried all sorts of cleaning agents and it still looked gray and black in places. I figured I would need to remodel it just to have a wipe looking shower. My mother requested hiring out cleaning services. Mama said that a cleaning corporation might have professional tile and grout cleaning services. Mama pushed to at least give them a try before I whipped out my sledgehammer. I am so ecstatic I did! I never expected much out of tile and grout cleaning. After the corporation left I was shocked at what my sparkling clean lavatory looked like. The beige tile is genuinely quite pretty again! The grout lines all looked brand new. I am so ecstatic that I don’t assume there is any need to remodel anymore. Calling that cleaning corporation saved me a lot of cash.

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