Getting the stink of cat pee out of the carpets

When I 1st moved into this loft I was disgusted.

The previous homeowner was drastically gross. He left piles of his stuff and stacks of garbage everywhere. I don’t see how that is easily legal. I assume that when you leave of a place, you have to take everything. That he 2 left end tables, a hutch, 4 chairs and tons of trash is just rude. I had a heck of a time cleaning it all. I painted all the walls and ceilings to make things assume cleaner. I also washed the exterior windows and hired out HVAC duct cleaning. Lastly I hired out carpet cleaning services. The owner had cats that just peed wherever they wanted. I sad that the aroma of cat urine would never genuinely leave the house. The carpet cleaners were amazing. I am used to people using machines that leave a sticky residue that never genuinely goes away. It has a genuinely distinctive and unpleasant aroma and the rugs constantly assume weird. Not this time with this cleaning corporation! I only had to wait about an hour after the rugs were done. They felt so soft, fuzzy and brand new. The best thing was that the stench of cat pee had finally dissipated from my home. I kept the cleaning corporation’s contact number since they do a whole range of services love upholstery cleaning, flood wipe ups and floor waxing. I am thinking once I am in my loft for a little longer I will utilize more of their services. It is so nice that I didn’t have to replace the rugs right when I moved.


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