Get the Exterior clean before loft painting

Next Winter I am going to have the exterior of my loft painted, currently the outside of my loft is a hideous orange color.

The exterior trim is deep brown.

It looks love a rustic loft and that isn’t the look I am going for. The previous owners decided on the colors. I am not a fan of them at all. I looked into painting all it myself however it would be too tough because of the difficult level changes and how high up some of the trim is. It is better to just hire loft painters and call it an afternoon. I found a corporation that will paint my loft however the price they quoted was pretty high. I found I could knock some money off if I cleaned the exterior of the loft myself. The principle complication is that I don’t own a pressure washer and didn’t know I could handle using one. I did some hunting online and I found my solution. I found a cleaning corporation that offers exterior cleaning services. They will pressure scrub the siding of the house, the porches and railings, the cement driveway, whatever you want. The fee for exterior cleaning is quite affordable too. I know to save money and time I will have them prep the loft for my painters. Once everything is rendered all squeaky clean, I will have the painters do the job. I will get my porches, trim and all the siding done in a nice colorless and gray theme. It is going to look so much better than what I am dealing with right now.

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