Modular shipping bag lake house worked for me

Work bumps me around from time to time; I get stuck in an section for months and need to set up shop, however sometimes I rent a place short term and other times I can get away with a hotel room, this most recent change with labor has me in an section for a year. I thought about it and I needed something more than a rental. I don’t want to pay out the butt for it though. I found affordable lake house solutions in my new section quite easily, then apparently it is legitimately popular to make a lake house out of shipping containers now. Shipping bag homes aren’t pretty from the outside. You can paint the metal however it still looks adore a shipping container. Inside it looks adore a normal house. You can add carpets to the floors, stairways, windows, doors and have a fully functional lavatory and living room. The modular shipping bag homes that I looked at were harshly adequate in price and totally awesome on the inside, and what do I care what it looks adore on the outside? I instantly obtained my shipping bag lake house and I am living in it. I really adore my affordable tiny home. I have just enough space to stretch out and be comfortable. I have one lavatory, a small living room, living room and living room. I also live on a nice ploy of land where I can ride a bike, go for a run or hit a hiking route nearby. I guess I am going to adore living here.



Modular Affordable Homes