Enjoying dinner with our neighbors

When my wife and I were invited over to dinner with our neighbors, the two of us were glad.

My wife baked a fresh apple pie which is a family recipe, and she won’t even share that recipe with me.

But I must say that apple pie of hers is phenomenal. We had a nice dinner and our neighbors appreciated the apple pie almost as much as I did. We even brought some vanilla ice cream to go with our dessert. The neighbors made meatloaf, but now I’ll be honest, I don’t usually care for meatloaf that much, however this meat loaf was incredible! Apparently they had some family recipes that were amazing as well. It was something about the spices and they also had the mashed potatoes spread across the meatloaf like icing on a cake, and another thing I couldn’t help but notice was how comfortable it was in their home. The air quality was fantastic, the temperature control settings flawless, and I had to ask about their HVAC. I was told they had a ductless mini split which was interesting. They really pointed to the different HVAC units in zones and the two of us had customized temperature control settings in the dining area. They also explained that their ductless mini split has built in air purification which was surprising to me. I had heard about ductless mini splits despite the fact that I didn’t even know they had systems which included air purification and it had the UV light in each of the units as well. Now I’m thinking about going for a new HVAC like theirs.



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