Three years worth of repairs made the up-to-date roof honestly necessary

Not that many of years ago, a tree fell in the backyard and 1 of the branches hit the roof above the family room, but that was a small leak at the time, then i called a couple of roofing companies for estimates on the disfigure.

They wanted almost $1,000 to service a 1 inch hole.

I thought that was a crazy amount of currency, so I decided to do the labor on my own, and a roofing corporation would have done a better job, however I managed to stop the leak and seal the hole. The next summer, we had numerous tropical storms and the hole began to leak again. This time the roof was leaking and numerous separate areas. I waited until the weekend and I went back up on the roof to service the concerns. I had to put a tarp over the part that was leaking, because I was on able to patch the hole on my own. After 3 years of repairs, I thought it might be time to contact someone about a up-to-date roof, then my wife agreed that it was a good system and we started contacting numerous roofing corporations in the area. Most of the roofing corporations gave to supply us a free estimate on the repairs! Every one of us got 3 roofing corporations to supply us an estimate, but one of the estimates was much higher than the other several. The other estimates were close to each other. Every one of us picked the corporation with the best reviews, even though that place turned out to be 1 of the more high-priced estimates that we acquired for the roof. The roof updatement is tied up to begin next Monday.


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