The new cleaning lady does not scrub dishes

I hired a new maid for our mom Max.

She is getting older and she cannot move around and she did in the past.

It’s hard for Max to clean her floors and baseboards. I looked at a couple of different maid services and I found a corporation that had great ratings with the Business Bureaus and a great many online reviews that were positive. The maid repair was supposed to come to Max’s on Mondays and Thursdays. The genuinely first time Max had repair in the house, she was unhappy. Max called myself and others at job and told myself and others that the maid did not scrub out the dishes. I called the maid repair immediately. I told the owner that the maid did not scrub or clean the dishes. The lady actually told myself and others that they don’t scrub dishes. They would load a dishwasher or empty it, however they do not hand scrub any dishes. I was genuinely frustrated when I found out about these rules. I told Max that I would find a new, different maid repair for hire. I am still on the lookout for someone different and every other afternoon I will go to the condo and scrub and dry all of the dishes for Max! Eventually I will find the right cleaning corporation and then I will be able to concentrate more on our own life instead of Maxs. I would adore to date and go out with friends, although I have to be there for Max all the time right now. She requires a good deal of care.
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