A Lazy Tuesday Morning

Do you think life is just a big wheel the two of us are all running on isn’t it? The weeks keep spinning by and the years keep passing by.

We are like cars flying by on the highway.

I can see how much time has passed when I am gone for a long time overseas and then come back to the states. It’s almost like I was frozen in time and then thawed out a few years later to see all of the swings, this is how it felt when I was gone for a few years at a time. My Heating plus A/C repairman has put on some pounds, and his babies are now in school, and a few friends and family have passed away since I’ve been absent. My Heating plus A/C plan needs a tune up as I haven’t done anything to it since I’ve been absent and the people renting just change the HEPA filter and that’s about it as far as repair with the HVAC unit. I suppose the whole goal in life is to just have fun and prefer the ride. I have a new job at the local library helping organize the books and stock the shelves, however as far as job goes that is about all I do nowadays. The rest of my free time is spent doing the fun things that bring me joy and freedom prefer playing beach basketball, hanging out with friends, and drumming with my band. I still do some Heating plus A/C repairs around town when someone needs help, however other than that I don’t have any pipe dreams of becoming “rich” because I already am.

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