Playing music on the Beach at Sunset

I need to start to practice my drumming skills because I am going back to my flat overseas and my bandmate Lou is going to want to play music with me as soon as I land. Both of us play music on the paseo right on the beachfront and have so much fun doing so. Both of us also play live music in bars and clubs occasionally for some quick cash although I would rather play my music outside so I can embrace nature and interact with the people walking by. There is no air conditioning system in a lot of these clubs too, which makes it uncomfortable in the summer season to play inside. A lot of clubs don’t prefer to use their weather conditions control systems because they are afraid of how much it will cost them. There are a lot of terrible people in my town overseas, which makes it less of a mouse race than here in the states, however the two of us don’t have all of the creature comforts that they have in the states. Both of us do have 1 club where the two of us play that enjoys to keep the locale nice and cool in the summer season so the two of us usually enjoy playing there when the two of us want to get out of the summer season heat and humidity on the streets. In the Winter season a lot of the sites have small space heaters, usually old gas heaters, so playing inside is nice because it can get quite frosty outside. I can’t wait to go back home, although I am also trying to prefer my time here while I am visiting my friends and family. Life is so superb and I am thankful for it.

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