The cleaning crew does not clean windows

My boss Bob hired a different cleaning corporation to handle all of the offices in the building, when the other cleaning corporation decided to raise their prices by 20% and Bob sent myself and others on an expedition to research someone cheaper.

I spoke with multiple different cleaning companies and services and Bob and I decided on this unique a single. They had fantastic rates and all of their staff members had undergone recent background checks. That was important to Bob, because all of us are a multimillion-dollar advertising corporation with clients that value their secrecy. The first time the cleaning corporation sent a crew to the office, the crew didn’t clean any of our windows. The windows were a single of the largest parts of the negotiation when I was looking for a better maid service. All of us have a lot of windows in the offices and they take time to clean… Bob was furious and told myself and others to handle the problem. I called the cleaning corporation and discovered that they do not include window services in their basic plan. If all of us wanted them to include the windows, all of us had to replace to the Platinum package. The cost for that package was another 10% more than the aged cleaning corporation wanted to charge. Bob and I absolutely should have stuck with the original corporation. Bob and I were respected with all of the cleaning staff and they did excellent work, however now we are stuck with paying the same price and all of us are not getting the same quality service. The last corporation won’t come back after our boss found someone else to replace them after working for us for 5 years.


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