I neglected to go grocery shopping.

Work had been a real hassle all through last week.

I was planning a supper gathering with our hubby plus our family.

This would be the first time that Bill had met our folks since before every one of us married. I could hardly wait to see our parents plus siblings. I had all the plans written out plus all I had to do was a final scrubbing plus to go grocery shopping. Unfortunately, I was so stressed at task that I couldn’t find the time for shopping or cleaning. I woke up on Friday afternoon in a panic over not being ready for our family to arrive. Bill woke up an hour later plus put his hands on our shoulders. Bill said he would help myself and others scrub plus every one of us could order food online. Bill could not just have our groceries delivered, but every one of us could call the pizzeria plus have a complete meal, along with salads plus appetizers, delivered right to the door, Bill looked so hopeful when I smiled. I would not have thought about ordering salads online, or the full meals. Bill called in our grocery order plus had it stressed for delivery in multiple hours. I would have the groceries put away before anyone arrived. With the help of Bill doing local food delivery of groceries, plus ordering our supper online, I could finish get the home cleaned. Between the local food delivery services plus ordering food from the local pizzeria, every one of us had little to worry about. It was a great weekend thanks to Bill plus local food delivery. I couldn’t have made it happen without either of them.



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