Let an HVAC pro handle it

I’m from a family who did whatever they could to save money. It was just a part of how I was raised. My dad was the thriftiest person you could imagine. He weighed the vale of each dollar on every purchase he made. That doesn’t mean he necessarily always went with the cheap stuff. He for sure spent according to the value of a product first. That’s also the way he was with the HVAC and the thermostat setting. If you were thinking that you might move the HVAC setting in his house, you’d be wrong. It was saving on stuff like HVAC utility costs where he really did his thing. I realize that I too am much the same way. The area I live in is super hot in the summer and there is plenty of air conditioning to be had. Still, I make sure that we get the most from our HVAC efficiency. I do my best to make sure our house is efficiently sealed up and that we mitigate things like direct sunlight heating. We keep the thermostat setting in the low 80’s during the summer to save as well. But one area of HVAC that I just won’t cut corners on is HVAC maintenance or HVAC repair. That is for the HVAC professionals alone. They are the ones who are licensed and certified HVAC technicians so they know what they’re doing and I don’t. The quality heating and air in my place is far too important to cut corners on. Anything to do with the HVAC unit goes right through the HVAC company.
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