We went to the movies when it was so hot

Sometimes, it’s so tepid outside that the only things that you can do are go to get ice cream, go swimming, or go to the movies where you can rest in the free air conditioning for a couple of hours.

That’s exactly what I was thinking the other day when the temperature outside was in the nineties before lunchtime.

We decided that the two of us were going to go to the movies just so that the two of us could love the free air conditioning for a while, along with pretzels as well as some nachos. We got to the movies, purchased our tickets, as well as headed into the theater. But that’s when I noticed that there was definitely something wrong with the air quality in the theater. Usually whenever you go inside the theater in the summer, the cooling system hits you right in the face whenever you walk in the door. That’s not what happened this time, though. The air conditioning didn’t even seem to be turned on in that theater as well as it was boiling as well as stuffy in there. This was not good, since laying in the cooling system was easily the only reason that the two of us opted to go to the movies in the first venue. We didn’t easily love the movie that was playing. I ended up going back out front to the lobby to ask the employer what was going on with the air conditioning situation in that unique theater as well as he just said that the air conditioning was down that day. I ended up demanding our cash back because there was no way I was going to spend money to rest inside a stuffy theater for numerous hours.

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