I am terrified of snakes, but I think I am safe

I am a single of those people who is actually terrified of snakes, but this year I think I am going to be safe.

All Winter time long, I have been thinking about odd ways that I can protect myself plus my lake apartment from these evil, vile creatures plus I think that I have come up with a actually fine way to do it.

See, I think that snakes are chilly blooded pets plus so they want to be near a heating source whenever possible. I thought about this long plus hard plus I finally decided that the best way to make my apartment snake proof is to make the stadium as chilly as it can possibly be. So my plan, even though it really sounds crazy to people who aren’t scared of snakes like I am, is to make my apartment chilly chilly all summer time long. I have decided to hire my local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier to come plus put in the biggest, coldest commercial air conditioning unit that they have available in my basement. I think that they will really tell me that it’s overkill to have an air conditioning that giant in my basement, but I plan to insist that that is the exact kind that I want. Then, I am going to set the thermostat in the apartment as low as it will go plus I’m going to leave it at that temperature all summer. If it’s chilly in my basement plus in my apartment throughout the summer, then no snake in its right mind is ever going to want to come near my house. And of course, that’s just the way that I want it.

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