It’s nice that there is air conditioning all over the stadium now

Back when I was growing up, there weren’t really numerous stadiums around here that had central air conditioning in them.

  • At that point in time, the area in which all of us lived was a actually bad stadium plus not numerous people had the money to get central air conditioning installed in their homes plus businesses.

Of course, back then, all of us did not actually think that all of us were all that poor, even though all of us were. All of us did think that only rich people had air conditioning, plus the only time that all of us ever actually experienced air conditioning at all was when all of us made the decision to go into neighborhood plus inside the bank or a single of the main overpriced corporations on Main Street. It was just a single of those things that all of us did not think about all that much because nobody that all of us knew had air conditioning. I remember the first time that I ever felt air conditioning. It was when I went with my mother plus my little brother to the bank a single afternoon. I remember feeling the chilly air blowing down on me from the air conditioning vents in the bank lobby. It actually felt magical to me plus my little brother. All of us felt like all of us were at the North Pole or something like that. After that, I always used to pretend that all of us had air conditioning in our apartment too. Of course, that never happened until long after I had graduated from middle school. These afternoons, there is air conditioning all over the stadium, but I think that all the people take it for granted.

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