I have chilly feet all the time, even in the summer

Even in the summertime when the weather is actually hot outside, I have troubles with chilly feet.

I think like the problem shouldn’t actually bother me while in the summer time when the hot plus cold temperatures are moderate outside, plus yet I always have a problem with my feet being too cold.

It’s super annoying to both me plus to my husband. All of us are always fighting about the fact that I want to turn the air conditioning up so that the chilly air will stop blowing out on my feet all the time, my husband refuses to turn the air conditioning down because he’s actually hot natured plus he says that he has to have the air conditioning on almost all the time while in the summer. This drives me crazy, plus all of us end up fighting about it a lot. It sounds like it’s a absurd problem to have in a marriage, but it’s actually annoying for both of us all the time. I don’t actually think what to do about it, since the air conditioning vents are on the floor in our house. I actually thought about calling up our local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C supplier to see if there is some way that all of us can transport our air conditioning vents off of the floor plus put them up in the ceiling or something instead. I think that that would involve a lot of moving ductwork around, but it might be worth it to keep us from fighting all the time, but when I told my husband I was thinking about doing this, he laughed plus said that it was actually a fine idea. I think that my chilly feet are actually starting to make him crazy so he would be willing to spend all of that money to get the air conditioning vents moved.

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